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You are supporting more than just a business!

Meet The Family Behind Made With Love By Angie



When ordering from our small business you are supporting the whole gang. You are supporting our dream. Two artists, 3 soccer players and 1 gymnast.
No, we don’t have a fancy or big house, or a new car. But we have it all.
We love to cuddle and watch tv. We love going camping, and attending all the kids soccer games, tournaments and school activities.

We work from home and we basically took over our living room and basement.  The dining room is in our kitchen and our living room is in our dining room.  We make it work!  Our business does not make us wealthy nor was that my intention when I began our business. My intention was to be able to be a stay at home mom and have an outlet for my chaotic busy mom life.  We have four kids ages 13, 10, 8, and 6.  However, when I started back in 2012 they were 8, 5, 3, and 1.  It was crazy!!! Two kids at home full time and me trying to run a business.  I have a business bachelor and though I did work for 8 years in the workforce I had no idea where to start.  I just knew I had a dream and wasn't going to stop! So I didn't.  

Our hearts are full. We have the best customers and fans who have followed us through the ups and downs since 2012. I know I am not the best at interacting with you all (that’s my weakness), but I love creating, and learning the story of your favorite piece, or the reason why it’s so special to you.

Thank you so much for allowing us to create your pieces and sharing our creations with the world.  It keeps us going!

Camping at the Jersey Shore Pumpkin Picking with My Girls Kyara & Kayla 

My Mini Me Kayla (Gymnast in training)

Dad and his crew

Mama and her two oldest Kayla & Kamilo

Kamilo, Mom & Dad

Kayla  (our shipping helper) She loves to put the business cards inside the bags 

My Rock! My High School sweetheart. The dad behind our brand. The one who pushes me to be more creative and take the plunge on my ideas without hesitation. (Alex)





  • Jessica Casillas on

    I Love your work and how much your business has developed! My cousin and I have purchased a few things from you and we were beyond happy!❤️ You are so creative and amazing, keep up the great work! I wish nothing but the BEST for you and your family.

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