I needed to pause for a minute to tell you we're considering YOU and your friends and family during this disrupting time. As you know, the process of our jewelry is hand-made.  I wanted to share with you all, that we are avoiding potential risk to guarantee the wellbeing and security of our family in consistence with the CDC's recommendations and wellbeing suggestions.  Only my husband and I work on your jewelry.  We don't have employees.

  • Our jewelry is made from our home studio.
  • We are following a strict hygiene policy that includes: frequent hand washing, regular station disinfecting, and all jewelry is disinfected before packing and shipping. 

As the circumstance keeps on developing, we are focused on making changes that keep us in arrangement with the CDC.  For the present time, our online shop will stay open and we will keep making your pieces as long as USPS stays open.

Let us keep on remaining positive and incline toward affection the most ideal way we know how. Discover approaches to ground yourself and recollect that #weareallinthistogether.


Angie + Family


Shipping Update:

Due to Covid-19, the U.S. Postal Office has in creased the transit time on all Standard and Priority Mail.  We urge you to place your order for Mother's Day ASAP.  For more information, please follow the link below.